Virtualization Services

Virtualization Services

DTI virtualization consultants have implemented small and large scale virtualization solutions for our government and commercial customers. DTI consultants have provided solutions that allow our customers to reduce their IT infrastructure footprint while assisting customers in better management of server room power and cooling.

What is virtualization you ask? Virtualization is a proven software technology that
is changing the IT industry. A virtualized environment will allow customers to run multiple
operating systems and multiple applications on the same high end server at the same time, while
increasing the utilization and flexibility of hardware that have been purchased.

The implementation of a virtual environment allows DTI customers to proactively monitor applications that will be used inside the organization. If the system administrator notices that there is a problem with a virtual server he/she can within seconds move a virtual server that is running a critical application from one server to its backup allowing zero down time. The image below shows an example of how this would occur using VMwares VMOTION. This will provide customers with the opportunity to fix the server that is having problems and put it back into production at a later date.


The virtualization infrastructure will insure that all functions of customers applications have a backup
or redundant server that can take over in the event that there is a problem with one of the virtual servers
that houses a customers application.

DTI provides the following virtualization services for our customers:

Server Virtualization
Desktop Virtualization

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