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We helps our customers “Defend”, “Protect” and “Detect” their cyber infrastructure.  DTI cyber security engineers have a vast number of years in all aspects of Computer Network Operations (CNO) which include Computer Network Defense(CND), Computer Network Exploitation (CNE), and Computer Network Attack (CNA).  Our engineers have helped our customers in the analysis of internal and external network infrastructures.  This analysis provide our customers with the appropriate situational awareness needed to maintain and monitor cyber network infrastructures.

what we offer


Network Vulnerability and Threat Analysis

We have developed a repeatable process to assist customers in developing a through vulnerability and threat analysis of their current network infrastructure. At DTI we assist our customers in developing a dynamic and continuous monitoring process for their organization.  Most organizations may perform a Threat analysis once a year and never revisit or monitor their existing posture. We help our clients with developing a process that can be dynamic and change over time, because a good hacker looking to gain access either internally or externally will always try new tactics and techniques to exfiltrate data from your network.   Let DTI help you with this process


Risk Management

The foundation for a company or organization risk management processes are based on the risk assessments that are conducted by those organizations. DTI can assist and help your organization in the development of periodic risk assessments of your network and general business workflow processes. We can assist your organization in the development of a qualitative and quantitative approach to risk assessments.  Most important we will help you to determine the best approaches to mitigate the risks, vulnerabilities and threats found during your assessments.


Internal and External Penetration Testing

In order to understand your security posture it is important to test how secure your network infrastructure is to a potential attack by someone outside or inside your organization. DTI Engineers have performed both network and web application pen testing for its clients. We have used customized exploits to match many newer attack vectors used by hackers in order to assist our clients in reducing their exposure to potential inside and outside data breaches.  Need assistance testing your current network security posture give us a call so we can provide our professional opinion.