How Secure is your Browser

How Secure is your Browser

Like many of us I have used almost all browsers to date to either casually surf the web or in developing web applications and testing their functionality on different web browsers.  As a security professional  and developer like many I have also had to jump through hoops to protect where I surf on the web and have always looked for either plug-ins or other means to make my web surfing experience a little more safer.   I recently came across a browser that is developed by WhiteHat Security LLC called Aviator. WhiteHat Security claims that Aviator is the safest online browser. Aviator, is built on Chromium, the same open-source foundation used by Google Chrome.  Chromium has several unique, powerful security features.  One is a “sandbox” that prevents websites from stealing files off your computer or infecting it with viruses.

Unlike other browsers we all use today Aviator comes defaulted to hardened security and privacy settings.  When a user launches the browser it defaults to a protected mode.  As advertised it doesn’t have any user-tracking functionality and defaults its search engine to DuckDuckGo and not Google which logs a users activity.  Aviator also integrates Disconnect an extension that blocks advertisements and much of the privacy tracking used across most websites on the internets.   Ghostery, which is a competing solution performs much of the same functions as disconnect and can be added as a plugin to any browser.  Aviator comes prefigured to defend against hacker attacks using technology that blocks unwanted ads, pop-ups and spyware.

Is it really a more secure browser.  That will be determined after independent tests are performed to determine if it does warrant that label.  What I will say is that this browser goes much further than most mainstream browsers whose main concern is collecting user data for monetary means.  Give this new browser a try if anything it will open your eye’s up to what information is being blocked and not provided to data broker organizations.

Aviator currently has executable downloads for MacOS and Windows operating systems. It does not however have a IOS or Android version at the date this was written.  Ghostery however does have a IOS version and can be downloaded for free from the from the App Store.

Give  Aviator or Ghostery a test drive:


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